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African Politics
Robert Mugabe: Zimbabwe's Dictator for Life?
Africa's Best Hope
United Republics of Africa
South African Gay Marriages
Water: A Human Right

American Politics
The Enslavement of the American People
American History & Economy
George W. Bush and the Bush Administration
The Cult of Obama Criticism
The Death Spasms of American Racism
Oil Shortages in America
American Economy Collapsing
America's Economic Meltdown
Redefining a Recession
America's Retail Economy Worst in 40 Years
Economic Stimulus Fails to Pass
The American Recession
Hundred Dollar Oil
Political & Economic News of 2007
The American Economy Lacks Manufacturing
American Military to Fight Global Warming
Al Gore no longer a bore
American Treasury trying $1 coin - again
American Catastrophes
Bush invades Abortion Privacy
George Bush's Legacy
Bush and Hitler
Bush Fashion
California Pyroterrorism
Censored Songs since September 11th
Cuteocracy: Fluffy Bunnies & the Clinton Era
Dick Cheney supports Gay Marriages
Star Wars: Metaphors of Iraq
Anorexia & Obesity in America
Decades before Condoleezza: Martin Luther King
Bill Clinton's Manifest Destiny
Malcolm X Speech - December 1962
Malcolm X Speech - June 1963
Malcolm X Speech - December 4, 1963
Malcolm X Speech - February 14, 1965
Bush: A Disaster waiting to Happen
300 Million Americans
Barbaric Punishment
Jesus on Death Row
Fear Americans
Pyroterrorism & Jerry Springer
Are you Ready for the Apocalypse
Racist Terms of War
US Secret Prisons
New Orleans Disaster
Disaster Capitalism in the United States
New Orleans: Natural Disaster or Disaster Capitalism?
Privatizing Education in New Orleans
Disaster Capitalism in Brazil's Education System
The Shock Doctrine Revisited
Ni hao Senor Americano
Walmart's Sweatshops
Bush leaked State Secrets
Uncle Sam's Insect Army?
Looking back at 2001
The Monkey who would be King
The New Manifest Destiny
Female Rights in Retreat
The Pyroterrorists are Coming
Top 10 US Blunders
Is there Intelligent Life in the White House?
Eisenhower's Farewell Address to the Nation

Asian & Australian Politics
China: The New Megapower
North Korea: Cold War Relic
North Korea's Nuclear Test
Nike Sweatshops in China
Privatizing Education in China
Privatizing Education in Hong Kong
India's Challenging Economy
Are we turning Japanese?
China winning Trade War
The Tiananmen Square Massacre
Australian Drought & Climate Change
Interesting Facts about China
The Trans Arabia Oil Pipeline To China
Asian Economic Giants
Don't Teach English in South Korea

Business & Economics
The Enslavement of the American People
The Housing & Mortgage Industry
OPEC Predicts $170 Oil
Oil Shortages in America
Two Hundred Dollar Oil
American Economy Collapsing
America's Economic Meltdown
The History of Oil Prices
Redefining a Recession
Climate Change and High Wheat Prices
Skyrocketing Commodities Prices
America's Retail Economy Worst in 40 Years
Economic Stimulus Fails to Pass
The American Recession
Dollar Fifty/Litre Gasoline
The Race for Arctic Oil
Hundred Dollar Oil
$103 per Barrel Oil
Political & Economic News of 2007
The Eco-Car Battleground
The American Economy Lacks Manufacturing
Pakistan's Cultural Revolution
Dealing with Telemarketers
Canadian Dollar Soaring
India's Challenging Economy
American Treasury trying $1 coin - again
MBA: The Devils' Degree
100 Dollar Laptop
The Cultural Netolution
Is there Oil on Mars?
World Oil Shortage
Oil Prices
OPEC Disaster
Green Cars in 2020?
Climate Change & the Economy
Nike Sweatshops in China
The Impact of Disaster Capitalism on England's Education System
Birth Control Vs Overpopulation
Telemarketing should be Illegal
Google Vs Microsoft: Who will Buy Yahoo?
Microsoft Buys aQuantive
Canadian Loonie on a Roll
Economic Stats 2005
Advertising in America
Social and Economic Change
Gulf Coast: U.S. Achilles Heel
US Economic Collapse?
Cuba's Cash Woes
The Solar Powered Myth
Are SUVs Dangerous?
The War on Plastic Bags

Canadian Politics
Stephen Harper Wants to Stifle Democracy in Canada
Censoring Sex, Homosexuality & Violence in Canadian Films
The Neo-Liberal Dogma & Canada
Canadian Christmas Shoppers
Dollar Fifty/Litre Gasoline
Canada's Worker Shortages
The Race for Arctic Oil
Ontario's Untapped Oil Reserves
Military Suicides in Canada
Canadian News of 2007
Ipperwash Returned to Native Hands
Canadian Immigration Surging
The Roots of Quebec Separatism
Canadian Dollar Soaring
Gun Control in Canada
Canadian Loonie on a Roll
The RCMP Fumbles the Ball... AGAIN
Andre Boisclair Leaves Politics
Toronto Green
Will Canada go Penny-less?
Canadian Babyboomers
Canadian Education
Canadian Electricity
Canadian Responsibility
Canadian Healthcare
Canadian Water Safety
A Fair Share for Canadian Farmers
Canadian Political Spectrum
Harper Vs Healthcare
Mike Harris Vs Walkerton Water
Ontario Pot
Pope against Canadian Gay Marriages
Harper Vs Kyoto
Canadian Smoking Laws
Ontario and Quebec Ban Smoking in Public Places
Quebec: Andre Boisclair
Canadian Gay Marriages
Canadian & Quebec Unity
Doctors driving Taxis?
Assassin murdered on Highway 401
The Canadian Sex Industry
The War on Plastic Bags

European & Russian Politics
The Impact of Disaster Capitalism on England's Education System
Privatizing Education in Sweden
Hurricanes in Europe?
Global Warming in Russia & the North Atlantic
Russian Oil Politics
The Hutton Inquiry
Passing over Prince Charles

General News
Political & Economic News of 2007
Languages of the World Statistics
The World's Smallest Countries
Interracial Marriage: Is Love Colourblind?
Water: A Human Right
The Neo-Liberal Dogma & Canada

Need life insurance? Think Bankers Life and Casualty Company.

Need legal insurance because you are an American gun owner? Think CarryDefense.

Middle Eastern Politics
Afghanistan: A Tale of Two Countries
The Future of Afghanistan
Iran: Nuclear Threat or Hype?
Iraq: Weapons of Mass Destruction & Civil War
Afghanistan's Terrorist Warlords
Pakistan's Cultural Revolution
Is Syria Next?
Israel Kills Refugees
Will your Grandchildren be Jewish?
Jewish Intermarriage Statistics
The Jew who would be Palestinian
Bush Senior Vs Iraq
Where is Osama bin Laden?
Bush: Torturing Terrorists & Space Exploration
Iraqi Civil War
Bush Senior & Iraq's Oil
A Prison called Palestine
Impeachment? Or Iran War?
Warlords Capture Capitol
Nuclear War with Iran Unlikely
Five More Soldiers charged with Rape
Saddam's Death Sentence
Grandmother Kills Israelis
Mass Graves in Iraq
The Iran War: We may have no Choice
More Bloodshed in Palestine
Sayed Pervez Kambaksh: Afghan who dared to read about women's rights
The History of Oil Prices

The Politics of War & Terrorism
The Doomsday Clock
Bioterrorism and the Future
101 Terrorist Targets in America

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Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation

Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

January 2014

In roughly 5 months Canadians will be able to sue other Canada's for receiving spam from them (up to $200 per email), the Canadian government will be able to fine spamming companies up to $10 million CDN, and the term "email marketing" will gain back a measure of respect as spammers are punished for the crimes and email marketeers (who run newsletters, email marketing campaigns that are 'opt in' and have obtained consent from the receiver) will distance themselves from the people who are operating illegal scam / phishing operations.

Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) will come into effect on July 1st 2014 and it has people in the online marketing business looking very happy, and people who are operating fraudulent activities will have to be more cautious about their operations.

One of the companies that is quite happy about the changes is a company called Vigorate Digital. Vigorate Digital does email marketing in Toronto and was a major contributor to helping the new laws get made in the first place. On the morning of January 23rd, 2014 Vigorate Digital hosted a live event at the Toronto Reference Library, in one of the conference halls, talking to local SEO experts, email marketeers and more - answering questions about the new laws and how it will effect people who use email marketing as a means of advertising.

The companies that keep newsletters, have opt-in programs, etc, will be largely unaffected. All they need to do is prove that the person expressed their consent to have the emails sent to them by subscribing to the newsletter, opting in to an email program, signing up for email notifications, etc.

What is not okay however is companies emailing you out of the blue, asking for money in some form - or asking for you to sign up with their social media website - because those emails will be deemed illegal because you did not sign up for them.

Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

Those caught by the CRTC will be issued a fine of up to $10 million CDN - and individuals now have the right to sue companies or individuals in small claims court for up to $200 per spam email received.

It also gives the government more teeth to go after mafia organizations running phishing operations to illegally gather the banking info of Canadians. (Although they might want to be carrying firearms with them when trying to catch members of the mafia and shut down their operations.)

If it was up to us we would like to see the government cut off the fingers of people operating phishing attacks on Canadian banks - and no doubt Canadian bankers would like this too - but fines at least will be a step in the right direction.

So what happens when a mafia member refuses to pay the fine and skips town? Presumably they just set up a new operation in a different town and continues to operate their phishing attacks against Canadian banks - robbing Canadians of their life savings by tricking them with phony emails.

The USA and other G8 countries already have their own anti-spam laws, but it will be interesting to see if they can cooperate to pursue spammers across international borders.

And if we could just ban all emails coming from Nigerian princes that would be nice too.

Do you know who Joseph Kony is?

If you watched the video above you will know Joseph Kony is a power-hungry warlord from northern Uganda who enslaves children and turns them into butchers and rapists. He is one of the most despicable people in the history of mankind and has been doing this for three decades.

And yet comparatively few people in North America know who Joseph Kony is. It is because in North America we are sheltered from the rest of the world, we watch movies and listen to music and our lives are focused on our own selfish entertainment and greed. Meanwhile halfway across the world a mass murderer has an army of child soldiers doing his bidding.

Spread the word. Joseph Kony can be stopped if enough people know about him and voice their opinion to politicians that such mass murderers should be stopped. Learn more about Joseph Kony.

The Race for Arctic Oil

North of Russia and Canada, in the Bering Sea and Baffin Bay inbetween Canada and Greenland is vast regions of International Waters, with vast resources of oil lying below the earth's crust.

The problem with International Waters in the Arctic Ocean is that no one owns the sea, so basically anyone can drill there, tap it for oil and ship it to whatever country willing to pay the most (or hoard it to themselves for economics reasons).

With the speedy progress of global warming previously ice-jammed areas of the arctic sea are now safe to explore and map, don't think it is yet safe to drill for oil. Icebergs floating down from the high arctic can still do considerable damage to an oil rig (Titanic anyone?).

So in the meantime the lower reaches of the arctic are available for oil exploration, but like lake fishing the best spots usually get taken pretty quickly. In the next few years the lower arctic regions are going to be abuzz with test drillings, oil rigs and tug boats escorting dangerous icebergs.

The environmentalists are going to be spitting hellfire by the time it gets into fullswing and preaching the virtues of hydrogen cars.

But there are other issues as well.

Denmark (which owns Greenland) has laid claim to Canada's most northern reaches of land (which geologists believe may contain gold, uranium and other precious metals). Canada says that land is clearly theirs and occupied by Canadian people, but this is not entirely true. The most northern Canadian settlement is Resolute. Beyond that, at the extreme tip of Canada's sovereign territory is Alert, a military base and radar tower. Denmark argues that the region inbetween Alert and Resolute (the Queen Elizabeth Islands) belongs to Denmark and is part of Greenland.

But if settlement equals ownership where is Denmark's settlements in Northern Canada? There isn't any. It is a stupid argument. The closest Danish settlement is Qaanaaq on Greenland itself.

And this dispute is now becoming a military issue as the Canadian coast guard patrols the region and has spotted submarines breaching the surface ice. Is Denmark sending its submarines to explore the region? Currently only Canada and its NATO allies are supposed to have submarines in that region, but military records show that other countries (not just Denmark) seem to be exploring and mapping the region.

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