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The Death of Lilith Adler, The Collapse of the Guerrilla Girls, Military Fashion, Tony Bliar and the Hutton Inquiry, George W. Bush, the #1 Sniper Target in America, China Versus America, The Collapse of the American Economy, Nobel Peace Prize Winner to be assassinated by the Israeli Army, Israeli fighter pilots refuse to follow orders, & the United States Budget Deficit at All Time High.

Written By Suzanne MacNevin

What you call a catastrophe and what I call one is really a matter of opinion. Whether you agree or disagree is up to you. But from my perspective, in the last 3 years (Starting in December 2000 to October 2003), the United States and the World has seen enough catastrophes to make one wonder WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?

Bush got elected, thats the first thing. But at the same time that he was being elected by the Florida Supreme Court (who were conveniently hired by his father back in 1991), another thing was happening. Lilith Adler, the influential Jewish-American artist, died of pneumonia.

I never met her, but I've heard many wonderful stories of her struggle in the art world, and the meaning in her art. Some of the art works shown on this particular website are hers.

Adler's art was controversial during her own time, but have become more well-known and a topic of interest since her death. She devoted her life to her art and her writing.

The Guerrilla Girls, a group of artists who joined together in the 1980s have outlived their usefulness... OR HAVE THEY? They have marginalized themselves as part of the history books. Unlike Madonna (who constantly changes her look and style in order to stay different/popular) the Guerrilla Girls have not changed the focus of their work, and thus have typecasted themselves as a group with a very narrow vision of what their art should be about... UNTIL NOW!

When the group was first created, one of their prime concerns was the fact that women and non-white artists were paid less and received less attention. Thus it really came down to money. Small surprise therefore that when you go to their website, they have posters for sale. Of course, operating their website and their promotions does cost money, so their posters are not that expensive.

Following complaints from yours truly (and I imagine other people too), the Guerrilla Girls have changed their look and decided to focus on blasting George W. Bush for his anti-feminist stance. Here is a quote from their website:

"We decided to satirize Bush's color-coded terror alert system by turning it into a chart listing some of the terrible things his administration is doing to erode women's rights. We originally did this poster to accompany an article by Richard Goldstein in the Village Voice called "Bush's War on Women." The idea of appropriating the terror alert system came out of a workshop we did with students at Case Western Reserve University. We've done many of these political art workshops and are thrilled by the talent and dedication out there."

In 1994 Yasser Arafat, currently leader of the Fatah Peace Movement in Palestine and President of the Palestinian National Authority was given the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to restore peace to the Middle East. In September of 2003 however, members of the Israeli Government decided they wanted to exile Arafat because he was too popular and was a roadblock to George Bush's "roadmap" to peace. Arafat wants a peace treaty and a legitimate Palestinian Government.

Israel, led by Ariel Sharon, does not want to give it to him. Palestine is a strategic military piece of land that acts as a buffer zone between Israel and the Arab world. The land is also important because Israel has radar towers there in the event of an air force strike from nearby Arab countries, and in some aspects it is considered to be Israeli Holy Land.

But it is also Palestinian Holy Land too. Both sides claim the land to be Holy by both religions. From my perspective, a compromise should be reached and Palestine MUST become an official country. Otherwise the suicide bombings and the Israeli air strikes will continue. On average 3 Palestinians and 1 Israeli are killed every day in the Holy Land.

"Holy War" is a contradictory term, but right-wing members of both sides are convinced that religious genocide is the only answer to their problems. In other words, an eye for an eye has made members of both sides blind.

And people wonder WHY I am an atheist?

The Israeli Government also announced that assassinating Arafat was also a possibility. The idea of killing a Nobel Peace prize winner to me is similar to the idea of killing Mahatma Gandhi. Its something no one should do. It only makes things worse. To kill Arafat would be a declaration of war.

Military fashion has become popular again. Not since the 1960s and the Vietnam War has military fashion been a hot commodity. Don't doubt the influence of the protesters however. In New York City, London England and Toronto Canada, Berlin Germany, Paris France and Rome Italy, the world has witnessed the largest scale anti-war protests in history. Adding up those 6 cities, the total number of protestors was 20 million. Thats enough protesters to make a small country. Add in every other city that had an anti-war protest and it is easy to see that the opposition to the United States illegal war on Iraq has set a new international standard for both peace, and fashion.

Like fashion really matters...

Or does it? Fashion is very much a political and social statement. A business person can dress like a square, but give him/her a camouflage tie or handkerchief and he/she suddenly seems like the most fashion savvy and politically-aware person in the room.

We should note that many businesses and workers took the day off to join those protests. Everyone from accountants to stock brokers. The effect of Bush's economic incompetence has made them protest against Bush in addition to their own opinion of his wars.

Tony Blair (sometimes called Bliar) has lied to the British people about the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction. His claim that "weapons could be launched within 45 minutes" of Saddam Hussein giving the order has proved to be false. Indeed, the intelligence that he used to back up that claim was based on a single source and that source was considered by MI6 to be "not reliable".

When a British Weapons Expert (indeed the highest ranking expert) Doctor David Kelly confronted Tony Blair on this matter, the Blair government tried to have him censored and claimed that Dr Kelly was a "middle ranking official" in the intelligence service.

You know "M", the character in James Bond movies? Well Dr Kelly was effectively the level of M when it comes to rank. You don't get much higher than that when it comes to the intelligence service.

And so when Tony Blair announced to the world that according to a document which was published by the intelligence service, Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and they could be launched within 45 minutes. EXCEPT that this document had been changed by the government to include that claim, even though they knew it was likely false.

Indeed, all the evidence presented at the Hutton Inquiry has proved that there was no PROOF that Iraq had any weapons at all.

Dr Kelly "apparently" committed suicide. The media is very fond of touching on the fact that no one knows for certain whether he actually did commit suicide, or was he murdered by a government official.

Either way, the government's attempts to have Dr Kelly silenced, whether they caused him to commit suicide, or whether he was murdered, does not matter. Its the fact that they wanted him censored.

This spells disaster for Tony Blair's future as a politician. We already know that politicians lie regularly. But lying about a war is a very grave example. Polls show that Blair has already lost any chance of re-election. He will be lucky if he doesn't get charged with corruption, conspiracy and treason.

And if he does, combined with the fact the United States & Britain haven't found ANY weapons of mass destruction, this means George W. Bush could end of facing war crimes charges when he is removed from office.

George W. Bush, and I can say this with absolute confidence, is the #1 Sniper Target in the United States.

Not Osama bin Laden.

Not Saddam Hussein.

George W. Bush.

Which means, if he attempts to get re-elected, he better be good at dodging bullets when he is out on the election trail. Bush has been avoiding large public gatherings because he knows he is the #1 sniper target.

But on the election trail, a candidate MUST go out in the public. They must shake hands with people. They must kiss babies (something which Bush is horrible at doing). This means he will be vulnerable if he seeks re-election.

That and the media has been biding their time. They know it is unpopular of them to not support the president during a time of crisis. Its called self-censorship. But when the election comes around, the media's sense of duty comes back into play. They become a pack of ravenous wolves. And they're hungry to sink their teeth into Bush's exposed back, flanks, legs and rip huge chunks out of his polls.

Currently Republican polls show Bush is hovering around the 46% mark. His popularity has dropped since the end of the War in Iraq because of his inability to catch Osama bin Laden AND Saddam Hussein, his inability to squash the Iraqi Resistance Movement, and the average of two American soldiers killed every day by Iraqi freedom fighters. Growing concern has also noted that Bush has not found any weapons of mass destruction (because there never was any) and that Bush didn't even have a plan for what to do AFTER the war was over.

Which is to say, Bush didn't have a clue what to do when it came to repairing/rebuilding Iraq. The only thing he did know how to fix was the oil pipelines.

Democratic polls suggest that Bush's popularity is actually much lower, around 31%. This data is accurate as of September 17th.

It may not be a terrorist who takes a sniper shot at Bush either, it could be a former Enron executive, an accountant or many other people angry at his other non-war policies and incompetence.

China (as of August 2003) is now officially the largest and fastest growing country in the world. It is not the richest country, the United States still holds that honour, but it will be become the richest by the year 2012 according to American analysts. These same analysts say that if you were INVEST in any country right now, Chinese high-tech corporations would be the way to go.

Like Japan, China has a huge high-tech section, but this section is growing incredibly fast in China. Demand for their goods is growing world-wide and computers, printers, fax machines, microwaves, cellphones and everything else are the economic buzz words of the future.

These are the machines that the world cannot seem to do without. And China can make them better and cheaper than anywhere else.

The combination is simple. For many years Asian countries like China have been investing in technology and scientists. Combined with that is a relatively cheap, but well-trained labour force. This means China can produce high-quality goods at inexpensive prices, make huge sums of money in the process and maintain stability within the whole Asian market region.

The United States however seems to have gone the way of the Dodo bird. The high cost of university tuition in the United States has to led to a lack of people with the proper engineering skills. There is a huge shortage of engineers in the United States and the country is desperately trying to bring in more engineers and scientists, except there is no companies or investors to pay for these foreign engineers.

Due to the United States flawed economic system and Bush's economic blunders of the past 3 years, the US economy has reached an all time low. Unemployment has reached levels not seen since the Great Depression. Large sections of the American public is dependent upon social welfare. Without social welfare, they would collapse into chaos and crime.

The United States already has enough problems with crime (they have 5 times more crime than any other country in the world). A complete collapse of their social welfare net could result in a steady increase in crime.

Combined with this is Bush's flawed tax cuts for the rich. The rich, 9 times out of 10, take the extra money they get from tax cuts and invest it in a foreign country because foreign countries are more profitable. The #1 choice for investment is China because it is economically stable, its currency rarely fluctuates and it is the fastest growing economy.

So Bush's tax cuts aren't helping the United States at all. They're helping China.

27 of Israeli's fighter pilots have signed an agreement saying they will refuse to attack civilian targets in Palestine. They say the orders they have been receiving in the past are "illegal and immoral".

In what was a national embarrassment for Israel, an Israeli general went on television and said that the Israeli air force has always been acting in a legal and moral fashion and that there was nothing wrong with bombing civilians. But he said it in such a zombie-like way, any idiot could tell that the Israeli government had forced him to make the statement. One might even wonder if they put a gun to his head.

Either way, the Israeli army is in a sorry state of affairs.

The army is dependent upon funding from the United States to keep its warplanes in the air, and the economically bankrupt United States can ill afford to keep paying for such things.

Post-war Iraq is costing the United States about 2 billion US dollars per week. In addition the costs of keeping troops in South Korea, Kosovo, Africa, and let alone Afghanistan means that the United States military is currently running a budget deficit of approximately 1.4 trillion US dollars, the largest deficit the military has ever had. Not even the Vietnam War or WWII cost that much. Indeed, if you added up both of those wars, they would only make up a tenth of what Bush has spent on the military in the last 2 years.

Combined with this is Bush's tax cuts, which have resulted in the United States having less money in their coffers in the first place. The country has been forced to borrow trillions of dollars from other countries, for which the interest will amount to around several billion per day.

The amazing factor, and this shows you just how bad Bush is at economics, is that Bush's economic policies have actually resulted in the National Debt more doubling in the last 2 years.

The National Debt is currently:

The estimated population of the United States is 292,121,772 so each citizen's share of this debt is over $23,241.35.

The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $1.55 billion per day since September 30, 2002. If you click on the link above, it will take you to an updated clock of what the debt is.

"War", by Lilith Adler.

"The Alibi", by Lilith Adler.

"Manhood", by Lilith Adler.